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Why am I being required a sworn translation?

You may not be familiar with translations or official requirements imposed by the Spanish authorities. You are not alone. That is why we are now taking the time to clarify a few points for you. A sworn translation, also called official translation or certifiedtranslation, is a public (official) translation which may be submitted to any public bodies such as courts, registries and universities. Why do you need a sworn translation? The reasons may vary. First of all it seeks to obtain quality assurance, impartiality of the professional translator and objective transparency.

This is why sworn translations must be certified, signed and stamped by an official translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Digital sworn translation (100% online)

For several months now and with the arrival of the pandemic in 2019, our team of sworn translators has made a great effort to issue the vast majority of translations in digital sworn translation format with an electronic stamp and digital signature of the FNMT. The result is a PDF file that meets all the requirements established by the applicable regulation in this matter. No extra charge for digital format On the contrary, we are encouraging this format, which brings a wide range of advantages, faster services and the consequent saving of resources, both financially and environmentally. In short, we save money, paper and above all, a lot of time. This aspect will be essential for any clients requiring urgent translations in Barcelona and Madrid.

Digital translations in Barcelona

Without a doubt, the digital format has been the winning horse during the pandemic. The vast majority of institutions, both public and private, accept and request translations in digital format.

Our sworn translators use a number of tools to issue digital translations, adding their signature and mandatory certification in this format.

Also, many of us already have the digital certificate of the National Mint, which allows us to add the digital signature in our translations. This type of signature, generally recognised throughout Spain, has become the best way to ensure that our translations are accepted in digital format by any public or private body.

How to request a digital sworn translation online

Very simple. Placing your order for the service of sworn translations will only take you 3 minutes. Our system is designed to save time and simplify the process of sworn translation as much as possible.

Here is how You will need your debit or credit card / PayPal account and a scan of your document (preferably in PDF). Please note we strongly advise you to select the digital delivery. However, you may also choose a hard copy to be shipped to your address.

Order and pay for your certified translations step by step

  • Access our online form
  • Select the number of pages
  • Choose standard or express delivery
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Pay by card or PayPal

The Civil Registry

Commercial Registry

Legal proceedings

The price of sworn translation is usually much higher than that of a standard translation. This is because sworn translations are official translations and may be performed by a qualified translator only. These translators are called “sworn translators” or “official translators” in Spain, and they certify, seal and sign their translations. This kind of translations are valid for any legal purposes and you will not need to seek a Notary Public to further certify.   In Spain, sworn translators have full power to certify their own translations.

It’s simple. The vast majority of translators have a minimum fee. In our case you can check the minimum fees per language in the form above, by selecting 1 page and the language pair of your choice.

Our online system will automatically show the price for the sworn translation service of up to 10 pages. These orders are considered “minimum volume” and therefore you can speed up your procedures by buying this service directly on our website, without intermediaries.

Very easy. On our website you can select a cheap (low cost) sworn translation by selecting the digital option. Not only do you save money, but you will also receive your translation faster and at less environmental cost, reducing paper.

The supplement to request a sworn translation in paper format is 9 euros. Although we highly encourage the digital format, you may want to receive a hard copy of your translation shipped to your address in Spain or abroad.

Important note: paper format implies shipping in any case.

Four requirements basically – certification by the sworn translator, his/her signature, stamp and date. The sworn translator´s seal includes his/her full name and surnames, language pair and identification number.

Some of our regular customers enjoy special rates based on high volumes & frequency. Whether you are a solicitor, an advisor, a company or simply have a recurring volume of translation, let us know and we will agree on very special rates for you.

We accept (almost) any. Our website accepts debit or credit card and PayPal. We also accept bank transfers and Bizum.

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We also work with other less popular languages. If you need a translator for a language that does not appear on our list, you can contact us directly to make a custom quote.





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