What is the TIE and what documents do I need to apply for it?

The Spanish government introduced in 2020 a new residency document to replace the EU Residency Certificate for UK nationals. Therefore, every British national intending to stay in Spain should apply for the TIE and prepare a number of documents and sworn (certified) translations.


The Foreigner Identity Card is the unique and exclusive document intended to provide documentation to foreigners in a situation of legal stay in Spain. If you are a foreign citizen applying for the TIE you must complete the actions established for its delivery.


This Card is a proof of your legal stay as a foreign citizen in Spain. It is your Spanish ID card. It further serves as evidence, in accordance with the regulations in force, of the authorisation granted to stay in Spain or their right to stay in Spain for a period longer than 6 months.


The Foreigner’s Identity Card is personal and non-transferable, and its holder is responsible for the custody and conservation of the document.


How to prepare your documents to apply for the TIE


You need to go through a very similar process to the old application for the green card.

First, submit an EX-20 form together with a document stating the beginning of your residency in Spain.

Second, submit proof of health insurance i.e. having sufficient healthcare cover within 90 days of arrival (for example, having private medical insurance, S1 for pensioners, or if you were working in Spain, social security registration). EHIC cards are not sufficient for residency.

Third, proof of sufficient means (bank statements)

Fourth, submit a scan of your passport


Where do I need to go in order to submit these documents and translations?


You may go to the Immigration Office of your region or submit these documents online if you hold a Digital Certificate.


Why do I need translations to apply for my TIE in Spain?


Every document in your application must be submitted in Spanish. That means you will need a certified translator –also called sworn translator– to translate these documents validly so that they may be used to official purposes.


Following submission of your documents and the translations, you should be notified within 3 months. If the decision is favourable, you will then be able to apply for the TIE. If the resolution is not favourable, submit any missing documents to the Immigration office.


How do I get an appointment for my TIE?


This is the final step. Visit this Sede Electrónica and complete form EX-23. Then prepare the following documents