English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona

English- speaking lawyer in Barcelona

As expats, it is usually easy enough to stick to English when doing usual daily tasks, like going to the groceries or asking for directions. However, you may encounter problems when it comes to choosing a good professional, such as an English-speaking lawyer who is able to understand and process legal matters in your language.

How to choose your English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona

A quick Google search will give you tones of results, this seems like the first idea yet quite a risky one. The reason is that rendering services for expats has become a trend in Barcelona, a city overwhelmed by the amount of expats willing to overpay for services not having a fixed price. In addition, some industries are particularly influenced by scams, such as real estate.

How can we avoid overpaying?

My advice is to always ask the locals and get recommendations from them. This is the most organic way to avoid scams and have the best English-speaking lawyer to tackle your legal matters. Most law firms in Barcelona include multilingual staff and will be able to understand and find a solution to your case.

As a certified translator and lawyer-to-be, I am familiar with the legal system in Spain and know a number of international law firms and English-speaking lawyers specialised in real estate, litigation, immigration, inheritance, Golden visa, etc. Some of these professionals run medium law firms/ consultancy firms, and some others are freelancers who may not be doing strong marketing or advertising on Google, yet they are excellent professionals who excel in their practice area and charge affordable rates to their clients (whether locals or expats).

How to contact an English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona

This is the way I like to work and this is why I only recommend trustworthy professionals. So I will not make you keep reading. Instead, I will just provide you with the tool to contact for free the best lawyers for expats in Barcelona. And guess what? It is a Facebook group and I created myself. Here´s the link to it INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS BARCELONA. The journey to the end of your legal matter in Spain starts now!