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It is a certified translator accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation after completion of the requirements and examinations set forth by the said public institution.

For many reasons. First, any public institution in Spain will require this kind of translations in order to avoid counterfeiting. All documents submitted to court, universities, civil/commercial registry etc. must be submitted in the official language, e.g. Spanish, translated by a sworn translator authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

No, you can just scan the document and email it to us here. Our translators work online and you will be sent/ collect at our offices hard copies of your translations.

Four requirements basically – certification by the sworn translator, his/her signature, stamp and date. The sworn translator´s seal includes his/her full name and surnames, language pair and identification number.

Yes, you can. However, the translation process will necessarily include the Spanish language. That´s to say, if you need a EN-FR translation, for example, the translation process will be as follow: EN-ES-FR. This is only for sworn translations though.

It is a seal affixed to the document certifying the authenticity of public documents issued in a country so as to take effect in another country (both countries signatory of the XII Hague Convention).

To download a model of certificate (Apostille) click here. How to get an Apostille?

We are a highly competitive translation company and timelines are quite short, usually ranging from 1-3 working days for standard projects. However, you can request urgent quotation and urgent delivery, specifying the desired completion date here.

Yes, all documents submitted to us are stored and kept strictly confidential throughout the project.

You can make a bank wire to the bank account number stated in the quotation sheet. Also, if you collect your translations at our offices you can pay in cash. Last, if you requested a translation eligible for the EXPRESS TRANSLATION (English<>Spanish) you can pay online by PayPal or credit card.

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Yes, in fact we offer 24h delivery services within Spain and Europe. Request a quotation specifying where you live here.