Certified Translator Albacete For Official Purposes

First, Hisparos Translations are a team of sworn translators authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Second, we provide urgent translation services. If you have an urgent request, this is your team. We provide Urgent translation services within 24h/48h in Albacete. You may order online to speed up the process if you need a certified translator Albacete.

Do you need a certified translator of English?

If you´d like to order a sworn translation of English online (this is the fastest and most comfortable way to order your certified translations):

  1. Select the number of papes your document has.
  2. Fill in your details and address
  3. Pay by credit card or Paypal
  4. Your translations will be delivered to your address by MRW (certified & reliable urgent courier service). Any address within Spain or Portugal.

If you need your certified translation to be sent to a different country, please provide full details to our team by email (info@hisparos.com).

Also, If you need a translation of a language not available for online purchase, please fill in this form.

Our service of sworn translations includes:

  • Certified translation printed in paper of official use.
  • Scan copies of your certified translation for your online applications.
  • Free shipping.

Prices include VAT and no extra costs will be added.

What is a certified translator?

It is a professional translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. A certified translator may sign and seal the translations so that they are valid for official purposes. We work mainly with legal legal and financial documents, so we are fully trained and professional to translate such documents.

Certified Translations in Albacete

In Albacete we provide translation services to law firms and individuals. Visit our website to see our full range of translation services for law firms, auditors, consultants, agencies etc. We offer special deals for large projects.