Sworn Translation of Passport, NIE, ID CARD

Sworn Translation of Passport, NIE, ID CARD

In the many official procedures that are carried out daily in Spain there are a series of “star” documents that are usually attached, and for which Sworn Translation is required.

This is the case of the passport, for example, as an evidential identity of a physical person at a global level. In Hisparos Translations we often translate these types of documents, especially for legal and business procedures.

Additionally, we translate the NIE (Foreigner’s Identification Number), an identification certificate for foreign residents in Spain. This document  must be renewed continually, and the receipt of application or card renewal must be translated properly by a sworn translator in case of application for visas in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada. This document is valid for 45 days from the date of issue, so applicants should pay particular attention to the deadlines.

How much does a Sworn Translation or official translation cost?

The rate applied for Sworn Translation of  the NIE or the receipt of application or card renewal is between 59 and 69 euros, and within one or two working days it will be ready for you.

What form and requirements does a Sworn Translation have?

A sworn translator has the following requirements

  • Certification of official translator appointed by the MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain)
  • Seal of the Sworn Translator
  • Signature of official translator
  • Date of when the translation was done
  • Stamped paper is optional, but our translations tend to be printed on this paper, which includes unique numbering with the State stamp

How can I order a Sworn Translation?

Step one: Scan your documents. Our day to day is digital.

Step two: order online.