Certified Translation of Criminal Records / Background check

Certified Translation of Criminal Records / Background check

 The importance of Certified Translation of Criminal Records

The Sworn/Certified Translation of the Criminal Records certificate acquires special importance as it is a highly sensitive document, both nationally and internationally. In this document the authority of the issuing country, that may or may not coincide with the applicant´s country of origin, certifies that the applicant does or does not have a criminal record in that country, meaning they have or have not been previously convicted based on offenses or crimes specified in the applicable national legislation.

A criminal records/ background check is required on various occasion when applying for work visas, residency permits, placements abroad etc.

Types of Criminal Records

There are different types of criminal records, but they are all issued by the Ministry of Justice or the Home Office, depending on the country. In the European Union there is criminal record for sexual offences or for crimes of a sexual nature, in which only offenses of such behaviour are reflected. It is commonly used and required for certain jobs or positions, such as those where the applicant could come into contact with children (teachers, healthcare staff, caretakers etc.).

Additionally, it is worth mentioning the criminal record of a foreign national, which consists of two pages. The first shows their criminal convictions, if any, in Spain according to our legislation, and the second consists of convictions, as circumstances dictate, of the home country of the foreign applicant (of the European Union).

These types of documents must be translated by a Sworn Translator appointed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. We are specialised in these types of translations, where our minimum translation rate is applicable in most cases.

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